I was born in Dominican Republic, then moved to Florida when I was about 5 years old. I played the traditional sports/instruments as a kid, but fell in love with skateboarding when I was 11 years old. It was through skateboarding that I was able to meet many of the people I know today. Around my senior year of high school, I started recording my own music. From the first listen, you can probably hear a counter-culture Christian influence on my music. It's through God that I'm able to do what I do. I rap how I live.

My goal has never been to be the best, but I try my best at what I do. Comparison can ruin things. I think music taught me the best lesson: be yourself. People gravitate towards authenticity. My aim isn't to be liked, but for people to learn from what I'm saying. I put endless hours into the lyrics to my songs hoping that somebody can benefit from it. Those long nights spent alone have taken me further than I ever imagined. From hats/shirts/stickers/tank tops/hoodies with my name on them to professional skateboarder Manny Santiago sharing my music, I'm amazed at how far this music has gone. Again, thank you. Thanks to Spanish Mike for always helping me out. Special thanks to Bryan Claburn, Jeremiah Gonda, Austin McCurry, Justin Diehl, & BJ Moss for all the pictures & music videos. My brother Harold is a role model, my parents are the best, and my fiancé  Kaylee is everything. Follow after God. Love people, hate sin. Oh Hey What's Up Man! - Harvey Soto

Oh Hey What's Up Man

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